We are Hawaii’s best-known divorce educators. Since 1990 we have published the monthly Journal of Hawaii Family Law, since 1994 we have been the editor of the Hawaii State Bar Association’s annually updated Hawaii Divorce Manual, and since 2002 we have presented the monthly “Divorce Law in Hawaii” public education program at the Hawaii Supreme Court. We believe that the fullest possible knowledge of the law and process of divorce on the part of all concerned contributes significantly to the elimination of needless conflict and expense in resolving matrimonial issues. Our awareness and understanding of the ever-changing law provides unique opportunities for our clients.

Divorce Law in Hawaii

Since at least 1979, the Hawaii Family Court has presented high quality educational programs like “Kids First” for parents involved in the process of divorce. In 2002, in an effort to teach divorcing spouses about the financial issues in divorce, we started the “Divorce Law in Hawaii” public education program.

Presented every month, “Divorce Law in Hawaii” teaches those going through divorce, and others helping them, how to get ready for divorce, make reasonable and fair proposals to settle divorce issues, and resolve divorce concerns without conflict or needless cost. The program covers the following topics:

Divorce Law in Hawaii

  • The legal parts of a Hawaii divorce.
  • Hawaii law on custody, property division, child support, alimony, and other divorce issues.

Getting a Hawaii Divorce

  • The legal steps in a Hawaii divorce.
  • Contested vs. uncontested divorce.
  • Addressing causes of delay and conflict.

Preparing for a Divorce

  • How to promote responsible agreements.
  • Dealing with difficult situations.
  • Organizing divorce documents.

Divorce Mediation

  • How divorce mediation works.
  • When to use mediation.

Places to Get More Help

  • Hawaii Judiciary’s website.
  • Family Court Information Center.
  • Hawaii Divorce Manual.

The preparation of the Family Court Asset and Debt Statements, Income and Expense Statement, and Divorce Decree is addressed. Divorce materials are provided.

“Divorce Law in Hawaii” takes place in the Hawaii Supreme Court Courtroom on the second floor of the Judiciary Building at 417 King Street (entrance on the mauka side by the statue of King Kamehameha). The program dates are posted on the Hawaii State Judiciary website.

Mr. Darrah and Tracey Wiltgen, the executive director of the Mediation Center of the Pacific, present “Divorce Law in Hawaii.”

Hawaii Divorce Manual

First published in 1975 by a small group of family law attorneys, judges, and others in the then rapidly expanding Hawaii family law community, the Hawaii State Bar Association’s Hawaii Divorce Manual has become the most widely used and judicially recognized legal resource on divorce in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Divorce Manual includes:

  • Practical discussions of every aspect of divorce law in Hawaii.
  • An extensive set of divorce practice forms.
  • Digests of all divorce cases decided by the Hawaii Supreme Court and the Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals since 1952.
  • Practices and procedure memoranda issued by the Family Courts of the First, Second, Third, and Fifth Circuits since 1982 governing divorce practice.
  • A vast collection of other resource materials and divorce practice aids.

We have been the editor of the Hawaii Divorce Manual since 1994.

Journal of Hawaii Family Law

The Journal of Hawai‘i Family Law reports all of the opinions, decisions, and orders of the Hawai‘i Supreme Court and the Hawai‘i Intermediate Court of Appeals (“the ICA”), in divorce, separation and annulment (FC-D), civil union divorce, separation, and annulment (FC-CU), paternity (FC-P), adoption (FC-A), guardianship (FC-G), child protection (FC-S), juvenile (FC-J), domestic abuse (FC-DA), adult protection (FC-AA), family criminal (FC-CR), interstate support (FC-UIFS), interstate custody (FC-UCCJEA), child support appeals (FC-AP), and other family law (FC-M) cases, as well as new statutes, rules, and other authorities affecting family law practice in Hawai‘i.

We have been the editor of the Journal of Hawaii Family Law since it began in 1990.

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