Education and the right attitude are the keys to a successful resolution of one’s divorce challenges. In that regard, we offer the following materials and resources.

Divorce Materials

These materials include educational materials we’ve distributed, practice forms we’ve developed, and the Family Court’s own divorce forms.

Happy Birthday, Family Court: 50 Years of Family Law This is an article that we published in the July 2015 issue of the Hawaii State Bar Association’s Hawaii Bar Journal on the occasion of the Hawaii Family Court’s golden anniversary.

Divorce Law in Hawaii These are the program materials from the Family Court’s “Divorce Law in Hawaii” public education program on financial issues in divorce. Presented every month since 2002, “Divorce Law in Hawaii” teaches those going through divorce, and others helping them, how to get ready for divorce, make reasonable and fair proposals to settle divorce issues, and resolve divorce concerns without conflict or needless cost.

Circumstances of the Parties We developed this form to solicit some of the most important information concerning someone going through a Hawaii divorce.

Divorce Decree This form from the Hawaii State Judiciary website, once signed and filed by the Family Court, divorces the couple, determines legal and physical custody (decision-making authority and time-sharing), divides and distributes all assets and liabilities, provides for child support, and addresses all other divorce issues.

Asset and Debt Statement This form from the Hawaii State Judiciary website, required by the Family Court from each divorcing spouse (or from both of them jointly), is used to reflect all assets/liabilities owned/owed by the husband, the wife, or both of them, at the time of the divorce.

Income and Expense Statement This form from the Hawaii State Judiciary website required by the Family Court from each divorcing spouse is used to reflect regular monthly income and expenses, as relevant to the determination of support, and divorce property division.

Property Division Chart This form from the Hawaii State Judiciary website when completed (a) shows a divorcing spouse’s proposal for the distribution and valuation of all assets/debts in the marital estate, and (b) mathematically compares the proposed result with the presumptively correct result under Hawaii’s “marital partnership principles for divorce property division.” We developed the first prototype of the Property Division Chart, and promoted its utility and ease of application for many years, before it was adopted by the Family Court for universal use a few years ago.

Divorce Resources

These resources offer additional useful information to those in the process of divorce, and those assisting them.

Hawaii State Judiciary Website On the State of Hawaii Judiciary’s website, you can find all statutes affecting divorce, all recent appellate cases concerning divorce, and many of the practice forms used in the Family Court of the First Circuit (Oahu), the Second Circuit (Maui, Molokai, Lanai), the Third Circuit (Kona and Hilo) and the Fifth Circuit (Kauai).

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Website The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) is the oldest organization of accomplished divorce lawyers in America. Mr. Darrah has been a fellow in the AAML since 1985, and he has been a certified AAML arbitrator since 1992. On the AAML website you can find a vast assortment of informational materials concerning divorce and related issues.

Mediation Center of the Pacific Website The Mediation Center of the Pacific (MCP) is Hawaii’s largest provider of general divorce mediation services. Mr. Darrah was first trained as a mediator by the Neighborhood Justice Center of Honolulu (MCP’s predecessor) in 1983. For many years, Mr. Darrah has been the principal instructor training divorce mediators at MCP.

Dispute Prevention & Resolution Website Dispute Prevention and Resolution (DPR) is Hawaii’s largest provider of specialized divorce mediation and arbitration services. Mr. Darrah is a member of the DPR Family Law Tribunal, an association of retired Family Court judges, and senior matrimonial practitioners, who serve as mediators, arbitrators, private judges and special masters.

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals Website  The International Association of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) is the leader in promoting and supporting collaborative divorce practice in the United States, and throughout the world. Mr. Darrah is a member of the IACP. On the IACP website you can find a large collection of materials describing collaborative divorce practice and explaining why, and the right kind of case, it’s clearly the best option for dealing with a matrimonial dispute.

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